REVIEW: Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

This game was what made me finally decide to get a DS. When this, Mario Kart, and Wifi all hit at the same time, following Nintendogs and Kirby Canvas Curse closely, I was pretty convinced that I needed a DS. I bought one about a week before this came out, then bought this game on the Sunday after its release date as a reward for finishing my finals for the semester. After that, noone saw me for six months. Ask William. I went blind staring at the screen so long playing this game.

This is easily in my top 5 for DS games, and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite because I like different games for different reasons, but this one has the biggest stake on #1 if only because I probably played it for 500 hours. I couldn’t stop myself.

For anyone who has played the Gamecube version of this game and liked it, this one’s a ton better. I only played the GC version for about a month and a half before I gave up on it. This one’s better because there’s just a lot more to it. The neighbors say more things, it’s easy to get them to stay and not move out so you’re not shocked when they’re gone the next day, there’s an element to the townspeople where if you hang out enough you get their picture, there’s more to the museum, more fish, bigger houses, more furniture, more guests, and best of all, you can play over Wifi. I would have preferred the feature without friends codes, but even me, who hates interacting with people, played this game over Wifi plenty to trade items. The dialogue’s a lot sillier and made me laugh a bunch of times, so it’s not as stupid as Willy would have you believe, either.

It’s also easy to play for long periods of time to get long-term goals. For instance, it takes a LONG time if you’re planning on getting hybrid flowers (or at least, it did for me), and you need purple or blue hybrid flowers in order to lure certain insects to your town to complete your insect collection and museum. Also, there are certain character events that happen, different each month, where a character will “open up” and tell you a little story over the course of several days. You’ll need to wait around for some time in order to collect all the items given to you by the likes of Gracie and Sahara, and there’s a UFO that’ll give you a Metroid item (maybe) if you manage to shoot it down. I played the game for six months and only saw this UFO 3 times, that little son of a bitch is so quick that he was gone before I could run up and shoot him. So yeah, you’ll be playing for quite some time if you want to complete collections.

If collections aren’t your thing, there are other aspects of the game that are goal-oriented and aren’t just buying furniture and clothes and stuff. You’ll be playing for quite awhile in order to get a fully upgraded house with a loan entirely paid off (the last loan is almost 1,000,000 bells). Plus, though it may still fall into the collection category, completing your museum is also a fun goal, and it takes a full year to fill your insect and fish wings due to the seasonal nature of the animals. On a side note, it was totally lame that the game launched in December, which is the single month with the least variety of insects and fish. It was kind of boring until late spring, when more insects were out, and summer’s totally awesome when it comes to bugs. The only bad thing about the museum is the painting wing, which is nearly impossible to fill unless you trade over Wifi (something you can’t do with bugs… you can finish your museum with help from your friends, but it won’t be added to your personal list in your character menu unless you catch the creature yourself). The only way to get most of the paintings is from Crazy Redd, and Redd is a swindler when it comes to paintings, he likes to sell forgeries. Redd comes by once a week with one painting. You buy the painting and give it to… Celeste’s brother. Celeste’s brother is the one that’ll identify the painting and give it a name. Usually though, the painting is a “Forged Painting” and you can’t sell it back or put it in the museum or anything. You can give it to Tom Nook, but I don’t think you get anything for it. There’s insurance you buy in this case, but the insurance money is only 100 bells, and you probably paid 2,000-4,000 for the painting. In six months of play, I got five legitimate paintings from Crazy Redd. Yes, the ratio is that insane.

You know, if you hated this game on Gamecube, you’ll hate this one too. However, if you have a soul and are a fan of fun, chances are that you’ll go as crazy for this game as everyone else who’s played it.




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