BLOG: Our New Home


So we had this website two or three years ago, up someplace else.  It was a big pain to update, because every update required manual text formatting, individual graphics for every page, manually updating all the menus, a manual update to the updates page, cropping and locating images… you get the idea.  I stopped updating it, even though Willy was into it.  Recently, I’ve wanted to talk about video games a lot more.  Since I enjoy venting my opinions to the internet at large, here we are.  A wordpress site is easy to update indeed.

I think Willy and I have both really been into games lately because of  We are trying to beat a lot more games than we used to, because both of us are prone to getting about 75% of the way through and quitting, or getting frustrated and quitting, or buying because it looked cool and not playing, et cetera.  The site is good for us both, because we are playing and beating games we probably wouldn’t have otherwise.  Willy’s criteria are a lot stricter than my own as far as beaten-completed goes.

Mostly this site is still just for the two of us, and because I have a thing about writing articles on the internet.  But maybe other people will come here because both of us tend to have obscure tastes in games.  But maybe less people will come here, I don’t know.  As much as I’d love to play Madworld, I just can’t, you know what I mean?  So I play Sea Trader instead.


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