REVIEW: Lost in Blue


Now that I’ve reviewed a game I hated and a game which was good but I was ambivalent about, I can go back to games I loved. I did love this game. The only reason it got a B was because it was insanely hard and I never quite finished it as a result. But it’s an awesome game nonetheless.  note: I finished it since I wrote this.  It’s still awesome.

I died within the first five minutes at least six times before I finally figured out what I was supposed to do to survive the night. That’s the biggest thing about the game: it tells you that you’re hungry and that some of the food you find needs to be cooked before you eat it, but it doesn’t tell you how you’re supposed to cook this food, that you should be looking for a cave, or that you really need bark from another area and a twig in addition to your food to survive. The entire game progresses like this, and my biggest problem was that I’d spend days just getting food to eke it out to the next day when I should’ve been advancing the plot. But I didn’t mind not advancing the plot, because I had a good time hunting down the food and finding new ways to spear fish, or finding new routes that would get me the most amount of food before I ran out of energy for the day.

Food wasn’t my main concern (though somehow Skye would usually turn an inventory full of food that took me all day to find into only 20% hunger), but strength was. The beds you get at the beginning do nothing to recover your strength… you can rest during the day, but you can’t rest if your hunger is 0, and resting only recovers about 20% strength, which is gone if you need to climb down the cliffs to get back to your cave. You need to build better beds to get a good night’s sleep (or go to bed at like 6 in the evening), and the construction minigame is IMPOSSIBLE. That was the first time I stopped playing the game, because I tried the construction minigame about 50 times without being successful once. Tip: do the shapes small, and do them very fast. Plus, every time you try the construction minigame, you use up your valuable resources. Anyway, the reason you want some strength left is because you can’t run with no strength, and I always wound up taking a long time to walk home on an empty stomach with an inventory of something insane like twigs that I couldn’t eat.

The second time I quit was when I couldn’t figure out how to hunt creatures in the meadow. You can shoot them with arrows, but you only get one shot per animal, they take forever to spawn, and the arrows will always, ALWAYS miss unless you have a feather, which you can’t get without killing something first. The game thought of this, and there are traps you can use. It doesn’t explain how to use these traps though, and I spent a lot of resources and game time setting traps out and checking them periodically, thinking I’d eventually catch an animal. No, the way to use these traps is also insane. You have to follow these animals around, determine where they are going, and then put the trap in their path and kill them with an arrow. More often than not, the trap you put out will go to waste because the animal won’t go that way. That’s just how this game rolls.

It also doesn’t ever explain how to advance the plot. Despite all these insanely hard shortcomings, I love this game dearly. Since nothing is explained, there’s about a thousand different ways to go about doing things. It’s awesome. I want to finish this one before I start the sequel, though.




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