REVIEW: LostMagic


This review is going to be short and to the point: this game sucked. I’ll admit strategy RPGs are not my cup of tea, and I’ve never actually played an RTS before. But I really thought this hurdle would be overcome by the DS, which could do no wrong, and the fact that this was an action RPG too, which is also a really high point. Even with all that going for it, this game still failed spectacularly.

I didn’t get very far. I remember being really pissed, because the game clock said I hadn’t been playing for very long, when in actuality I had put about 30 hours into it. These 30 hours were spent playing the missions over and over. And over. Even the early missions I just kept playing again and again. I said that this was because I was not used to this type of game. I quit when I got to a battle which I tried again and again for over an hour every day for seven days straight, without getting farther. I just had to quit after that. The game was not good enough for me to forgive it.

In theory, it should be awesome. You collect monsters that you control, then shoot spells in battle while said monsters also beat things up for you. You can choose which monsters you want in your arsenal, and you can also control where they go so that you can send them to different sections to beat up other monsters while you wipe out a group with your spells. The spells level up as you use them, which means that the fire spell you use all the time gets stronger, while the wind spell that never comes out stays at an intro level. I’m okay with that. You use spells by drawing “sigils” on your touch screen, and sometimes the detection is a little wonky, but more often than not it works pretty well.

So how do you mess this up? Well, your spells are pretty weak. It takes several hits from a spell to knock out a lot of monsters, and there’s periods where you can’t really cast spells while you wait for your magic to recharge. It’s hard to level so an area will be easier, as random battles weren’t that frequent… at least they weren’t for me. You also have to keep an eye on your monsters and go over to them and heal them if it looks like they’re dying, which sucks. Also, I found it kind of hard to catch new monsters, because the amount of HP needed for the capture is hard to get without having too much, or knocking it out first. The range of monsters I had was never a problem, the problem was that I was constantly having my ass handed to me because I always seemed too weak. This is where the strategy comes in, where you have to figure out how many groups to attack, what ways to approach the goals, what monsters to avoid, etc. I was not good at this part, though. I like to just charge my way through stuff in RPGs. I do not have the level of finesse necessary to play this game.

If you’re Wanda, never play this game again. Thank you.




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