REVIEW: Space Invaders Revolution


Since there are enough reviews out there that tell you to run out and buy a game, I thought I’d do a mediocre review on a game you’ll have a hard time finding because I bought the only copy. I’m going to be hard pressed for negative reviews for awhile, because the only other bad games I’ve played for DS I haven’t really played long enough to judge. But maybe I’ll play something shitty for next time so I can talk about Trauma Center and Ouendan.

Anyway. The interface is pretty clunky and about what you’d expect on a really cheap remake of Space Invaders like this. You can access classic Space Invaders okay, but I was never very good at it. I think you can play either with a touch screen or with the D-pad, I can’t quite remember. I never got past the second level… like I said, I always kind of sucked at it.

The remake mode on it is decent, however. You get a world map with some locations, and whenever you click on a location there’s a slightly different variation of Space Invaders. Some have narrow playing fields, some have a giant alien, some have an alien that mirrors your moves, and some have aliens that split up when you hit them. I was pretty impressed with the variety of gameplay features in the remake mode. There are two levels per mode (I think), and I can’t quite remember how many different modes there were, but there were enough to keep my roommate, my mother, and myself busy with the cartridge for quite some time. My roommate hates all games and liked it well enough, and my mom loved it and doesn’t even really play games. So I guess that says something about it.

It’s not spectacular either, though. Everyone’s played Space Invaders. There’s not too much you can do to hide the fact you’re selling someone a 30-year-old game. It still feels old, even with all the new gameplay modes, and none of the Space Invaders players here played it for longer than 10-minute stretches. If you want it on your DS, this is a fine choice. I would recommend you get Break ’em All with your $20 though, especially since this one’s probably a bitch to find.

edit: And if you’re thinking about buying this game, go out and buy Space Invaders Extreme right goddamn now.  Seriously.  That game is awesome.  This review is three years old or something, I couldn’t even have dreamed of the awesomeness of that game when I wrote this.




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