Now, I own a ton of puzzle games for DS, but usually when I’m in the mood for a puzzle game, I play Break ’em All instead. Thus, any game that is not Break ’em All gets graded down by default. But Tetris DS is probably the next best thing.

I didn’t “beat” classic mode on this game. I use puzzle games to play on the train, and I usually stop playing them when I get good enough at them that it takes more than 20 minutes to play a game (read: the time it takes me to get downtown). This one actually got played a little longer than that, and I was able to get to level 12/20 before I put it down. Tetris is still fun, though I admit I never really played the game too much in the first place “back in the day.” The gameplay has changed slightly here… you get to hold pieces, and you can see I think seven pieces in advance, which makes the game a lot easier. It’s still fun though, and it’s still Tetris, I guess. It’s a bit better because it’s got fun music, and if you get bored of Tetris, you can pretend you’re playing Super Mario Bros or whatever’s going on in the background.

The hundreds of additional modes are what make this game boss, though. I haven’t even tried most of them, but the one I play as much as regular is Catch mode, which is like freeform Tetris where you fly a block around and can do 2D lines. The metroids aren’t all that cool, but the game itself is, so I’m good. I got pretty far on that mode too, though I don’t remember what level or however that mode works. I also played Puzzle Mode for awhile, but mostly because I could pretend I was playing Yoshi Cookie. I’m actually not very good at things like that.

So yeah, since Break ’em All isn’t actually a puzzle game and the Gunpey version got totally kidded out for the DS, this one’s probably the best puzzle game out for the DS right now. Unless you want to level up and also play puzzles, in which case you’d be looking for Puzzle Quest.




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