REVIEW: Trauma Center: Under the Knife


I think I’ve written enough mediocre reviews to rave about one of my favorites again. Let me tell you, this is probably the most awesome and intense game experience I’ve had on the DS. I played Animal Crossing for much longer, I play Break ’em All more frequently, I got more sheer pleasure out of Rub Rabbits, and I think I love Ouendan best of all, but none of these are games in the same way that Trauma Center is. Trauma Center is a tough bitch to play and get through, it makes full use of the DS functions (both the dual screens and the touch screen function), and it’s just fun to play. I’m not sure why they put the sequel on Wii, because this just isn’t a console game. It’s a DS game.

First off, the plot of the game is awesome. You are some sort of intern or resident at a hospital, and you are called on to operate on patients. The way you do this is via the touch screen, using a scalpel to open the chest cavity, then tweezers, suction, sutures, disinfectant, and a variety of other tools to remove things like tumors, glass, worms, and many other things people have in their body. That’s not all, though. You also have what’s known as the “healing touch,” which means that you can stop time to get more done in mere seconds than most anyone. There’s also some plot with a terrorist organization, viruses, whatever, but that stuff’s not important. What is important is that a lot of these operations involve parasites and tumors and you have to do them REALLY FAST in order to pass them. This is awesome and extremely challenging. Challenging enough that you’ll be doing some missions over and over and over again until you want to throw your DS against the wall.

Seriously. There’s this one type of infection that you have to pull out superfast in a really specific way, or it releases clouds and spreads. This is the one that will just make you rip the cartridge from your system and stomp on it. It’ll make you mad, to be sure.

It’s the best feeling in the world when you beat it, though. Not because it has a great ending, but because it’s got an awesome premise and is superchallenging. Highly recommended.




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