REVIEW: WTF: Work Time Fun


So there’s this new PSP game coming out that looks awesome.  Apart from the basic premise (that you’re a bad guy trying to keep the RPG hero out of your dungeon), I have to say the main selling point for me was the title, which is Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? Now, it probably doesn’t sound like a good idea to buy a game on title alone, but the last time I did that, it turned out to be one of my favorite PSP games.  Well, no, that wasn’t the last time I did it.  More recently, I picked up Animal Boxing, and that game sucks.  But WTF does not.

The only thing most people know about this game is that it’s got a ramen timer and a game where you cap pens.  These are definitely highlights (if you haven’t seen it, youtube the ramen timers.  There is no in-game context for them).  Essentially, it is a minigame-game.  Except, unlike every other minigame-game on the planet, these games aren’t designed to be fun.  Or make a whole lot of sense.  Aside from capping pens, which is literally a minigame where you infinitely cap pens using two button presses, there are games like cliff race (race to break closest to the edge of the cliff without falling off), a game where you take an obnoxious group of people’s bizarre order at a restaurant, a game where you repeatedly stab the space between your fingers, one where you are a drunken mayor dedicating buildings and/or stopping nuclear war, one where you split logs until you accidentally split some animal like a dolphin your old wife throws up there, one where you sex chickens, et cetera.  There’s a ton of bizarre stuff.  Most only use one or two buttons.  None are all that substantial, but a few are really kind of frightening (one with an elf baby where you run a race with a baby face getting increasingly angry in the corner, one with… pottery hell or something going on, I don’t know).

While you can play whichever of these games you want any time, you won’t earn any money at them unless they are in the main job area.  The main job area only actually has four of these games listed at a time.  Sometimes playing a game and coming back to the menu changes the jobs, sometimes not.  Earning money is difficult and fruitless, as some of the games are pointless and short and will only net you some change.  The biggest money maker is Pendemonium, so if you really want a lot of money, sit down and cap pens while you watch a movie.

With this money, you buy capsule toys.  These capsule toys will be either actual capsule toys, one of the jobs (you need to unlock them by randomly getting them in these machines), or one of the game’s tools.  The capsule toys don’t do anything except fill a capsule toy inventory, but read their descriptions for bizarre and strangely erotic life stories.  The tools are things like… a flashlight (it blanks the screen to white, which actually came in handy once when the power went out), a restaurant bill splitter, a romance match-type thing, some sort of eye disguise where you hold the PSP up to your face like a mask, and the infamous ramen timer, which you let leer over your shoulder while your ramen noodles are soaking in hot water.  They are genuinely useful, or not useful at all as the case may be.

Also, other part-time job employees will occasionally send you e-mail.  These will range from pointless to creepy, but are always worth reading.  One sad guy in particular won’t stop spamming your inbox.  There’s also a reward system that lets you know when you’ve done things like eat poison mushrooms, been run over a certain number of times, played the game a certain number of hours at night, capped 100,000 pens at once… you know, stuff.

What I’m trying to say is that this is the best game on the PSP.  Willy and I don’t actually buy PSP games that everyone else plays, but I can tell you that this blows things like Patapon and Castlevania out of the water.  Is it fun?  I don’t know.  All I know that it is the best PSP game ever, which is a shame because it’s the first one I bought for the system.




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