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REVIEW: bit Generations


There’s a big series of these now, but I’m not sure how they are all related save for being released on Nintendo systems.  There’s this series, which was developed by skip for GBA, then the Art Style games for WiiWare and DSiWare also developed by skip, then the Bit.Trip games for WiiWare developed by Gaijin Games.  They all have a very similar minimalist, almost vector-like style to them, and usually have rockin’ music to go along with the simple games.  The games are easy, variations on a simple things like pong, block rotation, sound pattern recognition, races… things like that.  They look awesome, don’t they?

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REVIEW: General Chaos


General Chaos is a real-time squad-based tactical game where you face off against similarly outfitted enemies on one-screen battlefields. Play takes place entirely on the tactical level. There is no resource management or strategic positioning between battles. The only thing that follows you from one battle to the next is your number of remaining medics (which revive the dead). In this sense, General Chaos is a very straightforward experience. But even considering its simplicity there are lots of interesting tactical calls to be made.

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REVIEW: Rengoku 2: The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N.


Rengoku 2: The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N. is the second PSP game I bought, and my favorite. At the store counter, both cashiers said it was repetitive and terrible, and I said, “Ladies, I beat Deep Labyrinth.” They shut up because they thought I was insane, or they didn’t know about Deep Labyrinth. While I hadn’t played its prequel, I was ready to love Rengoku 2. I was won by a line in the manual: “You must work your way up to the top floor of Purgatory tower. But what awaits you there—salvation or despair?” The premise—hordes robots trapped in a giant tower, fighting each other, dying and being reborn infinitely—is hard to mess up.

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FEATURE: The Epic Game Competition 1: Blaster


note: the epic game competition was held on May 2nd, 2009. The contestants were Wanda and Willy Elektrix. Three games were decided on in advance from the Midway Arcade Treasures 1 & 2 discs for GameCube. The stipulation was that they had to be games that neither Wanda nor Willy had played, so they were likely going to be crappy games. These crappy, old games were played on a 6′ screen with a projector. It was epic.

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REVIEW: Deep Labyrinth


Deep Labyrinth, a remake of a first-person dungeon crawler game originally for cell phones, is far inferior to another similar cell phone game on the DS, Orcs & Elves. In at least one way, the two are opposites: Deep Labyrinth is long and repetitive with rambling featureless dungeons, while Orcs & Elves is condensed with small areas packed full of interesting features and rooms. But this isn’t a review of Orcs & Elves. The point of mentioning it was only to say that there are cell phone games out there worth porting to DS, even if Deep Labyrinth isn’t one.

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