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REVIEW: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

I was certain to like Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. I’m a freak for the hack-n-slash genre (Alien Syndrome for PSP being a favorite) and I’ve always liked Fallout. Some say Brotherhood of Steel is old hat, with systems yanked verbatim from Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. But the concept of hack-n-Fallout is so solid it’s impossible for Brotherhood of Steel to fail its unambitious mission.

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REVIEW: Sword of Hope

Sword of Hope is a single character RPG by Kemco (of Deja Vu, Uninvited, and Shadowgate fame). As an RPG shoehorned into Shadowgate’s interface, Sword of Hope is adventure-lite and RPG-lite, but fun. I’m somewhat of a Kemco fan: Desert Commander (NES), Ghost Lion (NES), and Lagoon (SNES) being favorites.

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REVIEW: Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command

Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command is a squad-based tactical game very loosely based on the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop rules. True Warhammer 40,000 fans won’t be impressed until a game comes out incorporating the complete tabletop rule set and including all the armies and units, but Squad Command ain’t so bad.

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REVIEW: Treasure World


As Willy will quickly point out to you, this is not a game.  For all I know, this was your first impression too, since it looks and sounds for all the world like some budget shovelware game.  And to be fair, Treasure World isn’t for most people.  It appeals to a very specific type of person.  The person who has to catch ’em all.  The person who played Animal Crossing every day for a year hoping to complete their catalog, thinking that maybe next time Crazy Red will sell an authentic painting.  The person who sits in front of a walkthrough when playing an RPG because, well, wouldn’t it suck if you missed something?

For that person, this game is a unique type of pleasure that is unparalleled in any other game.

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