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FEATURE: The Epic Games Competition 3: Wacko

WANDA: See parts one and two for more info about the competition.  Willy and I passed the controller back and forth and took turns trying to high score on games from the Midway Arcade Treasures discs for Gamecube.  The games were chosen based on their obscurity and whether either of us had played them.

We had trouble with the third game.  We tried Timber.  I can’t quite remember why we didn’t wind up playing it, but I think it was because I was too good and could have gone on indefinitely with my turn.  Willy may deny this.  Then we tried Splat!, which we couldn’t play because neither of us could quite figure it out, nor could we read the text for the high scores even on a 20′ screen.  Then we tried Kosmik Krooz’r, which was horrible and also had unreadable text (Kosmik Krooz’r also has port issues since it was meant to be played while looking at a mirror and model, but they do a pretty good job emulating it).  We settled on Kosmik Krooz’r’s prequel, Wacko.

It was a feeble finish.

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REVIEW: Rhythm Tengoku Gold/Rhythm Heaven

I’m a sucker for rhythm games, as always.  I bought this one as soon as it came out, thinking that it wouldn’t be released in English, much like its predecessor for GBA.  Happily, I was wrong, but I lost my job right around the time it came out so I was unable to support it.

I recently got a copy for free, more or less, and I was reminded of why this is my favorite DS game ever.

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BLOG: Wanda’s Apathy

Quite simply, there haven’t been any updates because I haven’t been beating games.  I got a new job where I make about half of what I used to, and quite frankly, I found out that my drive to beat games came from my love of buying them.  As I was not really in a position to buy a lot of games anymore, I couldn’t muster the energy to beat them.  That’s just sad.

I’d love to write articles on the games I’ve started.  Rei Cho Aniki?  Fantastic.  I only made it a little more than halfway through.  Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman?  I’d love to write about it.  It’s great.  I can’t seem to get a grasp on the balance necessary to keep monsters powering through my tunnels through more than 5 or 6 waves of heroes or a dozen challenges (I’m always one goddamn lizardman short, it seems).  Willy and I both wanted to write about Phantasy Star Portable, because it’s fantastic, but our bickering over who would write it petered out when I got to the last chapter and failed to finish it.  But what a great game anyway.  And I’d love to do an update for Persona PSP, to see if that version is any better, but I didn’t even want to start that until I’d finished Nocturne, which is stalled towards the beginning.

But I’ve got a big bonus check and a Wii coming to me, and I think that will help get me back in the routine.  Willy will start again when I start.

Also, new Harvest Moon came out, and that always gets me back into playing games.  We’ll see how that goes, or if I muster the energy to write the series overview I’ve been planning.