BLOG: Wanda’s Apathy

Quite simply, there haven’t been any updates because I haven’t been beating games.  I got a new job where I make about half of what I used to, and quite frankly, I found out that my drive to beat games came from my love of buying them.  As I was not really in a position to buy a lot of games anymore, I couldn’t muster the energy to beat them.  That’s just sad.

I’d love to write articles on the games I’ve started.  Rei Cho Aniki?  Fantastic.  I only made it a little more than halfway through.  Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman?  I’d love to write about it.  It’s great.  I can’t seem to get a grasp on the balance necessary to keep monsters powering through my tunnels through more than 5 or 6 waves of heroes or a dozen challenges (I’m always one goddamn lizardman short, it seems).  Willy and I both wanted to write about Phantasy Star Portable, because it’s fantastic, but our bickering over who would write it petered out when I got to the last chapter and failed to finish it.  But what a great game anyway.  And I’d love to do an update for Persona PSP, to see if that version is any better, but I didn’t even want to start that until I’d finished Nocturne, which is stalled towards the beginning.

But I’ve got a big bonus check and a Wii coming to me, and I think that will help get me back in the routine.  Willy will start again when I start.

Also, new Harvest Moon came out, and that always gets me back into playing games.  We’ll see how that goes, or if I muster the energy to write the series overview I’ve been planning.


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