REVIEW: Mytran Wars

Mytran Wars: A PSP squad-based tactical mecha game with 2 separate armies and customizable units. Cool.

In Mytran Wars’ 25+ mission campaign, you alternate between 2 armies (human and alien) developing 2 sets of units. Missions are intimate (8 to 12 units a side) and short (maximum 1 hour). The close-quarters maps are well designed with standard objectives (including optional and secret objectives): kill, defend, capture. With smart unit choices, most missions are easy—even more if you utilize mid-mission saves. But the difficulty feels right. Easy enough to encourage experimentation with different unit/equipment combinations, with flexibility to use less units or forgo mid-mission saves for greater challenge.

Most interesting is Mytran Wars’ depth of customization. Each of the 3 unit classes (light, medium, heavy) has its own unique set of equipment (with variations for humans and aliens) and 1 head slot, 2 shoulder slots, 2 arm slots, and 1 leg slot. These slots mount a variety of melee and ranged weapons (varying range, power, and area of effect), defensive items (physical/energy/explosive resistance), mobility items (speed and terrain bonuses), and gadgets. The gadgets are nice: repair kits, sights, stunners, etc. The easy path to victory is high defense, repair kits, and melee weapons, but there are other fun and viable alternatives—including a cool super-weapon dependent on another unit with a spotter gadget.

Mytran Wars is just what I want on PSP. A traditional squad-based experience with all the staples (fog of war, equipment destroying criticals) and no cumbersome RPG elements—although you do earn money and research points to unlock equipment. Mytran Wars is polished (barring an annoying crash bug in certain situations with certain equipment) and full of content. A nice compliment to Field Commander, R-Type Command, and Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command.


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