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REVIEW: Magic Knight Rayearth

Wanda and I loved watched the Magic Knight Rayearth anime when were young (probably not young enough), and she’s read the manga. It’s stupid, charming magical girl nonsense, but I suspect (after seeing every episode of the Sailor Moon live action series) I have a high tolerance for such garbage. MKR for Sega Saturn is notable as the last US Saturn game, and for being published by Working Designs. How is it? Like most mediocre games that Working Designs arbitrarily releases (Albert Odyssey, Shining Wisdom), just okay.

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REVIEW: Sigma Star Saga

WayForward Technologies developed Shantae (Gameboy Color), the ill-fated Ping Pals (DS), some licensed games, and Sigma Star Saga—an RPG favorite of mine on the GBA alongside Shining Soul 2 and Mazes of Fate.  Sigma Star Saga is an RPG with a scrolling shooter (or shmup) battle engine. Better yet, it’s fun, and I even liked the story (concerning alien bio-WMDs), which is so rare.

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