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REVIEW: Swordquest: Earthworld

Swordquest: Earthworld is the 1st in a series of games (followed by Fireworld and Waterworld), and designed as a sequel to Adventure. The Swordquest series was actually a contest in which players could win amazing prizes—in the case of Earthworld, a $25,000 jeweled talisman. The history of the Swordquest series is weird and worth reading about. More fascinating details can be found on Wikipedia.

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REVIEW: Human Cannonball


The library of Atari 2600 games that interest me is slim. Of course, there’s Adventure and Haunted House, but the 2600 is better known for its arcade-style games—River Raid, etc. Still, there are a few RPG, adventure, and strategy games: the fantastically cryptic Swordquest series, Stellar Track (kind of a space battle ship simulator), and Human Cannonball—an artillery game where you figure power, angle, and distance to fire an acrobat into a tub of water.

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