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REVIEW: Puzzle de Harvest Moon

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I always assumed this was part of the 10th Anniversary reboots that included Rune Factory and Innocent Life.  It’s entirely unlike any other Harvest Moon game, using a Harvest Moon skin for a puzzle game that I’m told is similar to Panel de Pon.

QUICK FACT: Bears almost no resemblance to a Harvest Moon game, save for the fact that you do farm as part of the puzzle and you play against Harvest Moon characters.
QUICK FACT: The only Harvest Moon that is a North American exclusive.
QUICK FACT: It’s terrible.

GAME LENGTH:  There’s no story mode.  There is a multiplayer mode for wireless versus play with a friend, and a single player mode with four styles of play.  You can play and beat all the characters offered (12) and you can play 4 minute, 6 minute, or 8 minute modes.

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REVIEW: Rhythm Tengoku Gold/Rhythm Heaven

I’m a sucker for rhythm games, as always.  I bought this one as soon as it came out, thinking that it wouldn’t be released in English, much like its predecessor for GBA.  Happily, I was wrong, but I lost my job right around the time it came out so I was unable to support it.

I recently got a copy for free, more or less, and I was reminded of why this is my favorite DS game ever.

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REVIEW: Treasure World


As Willy will quickly point out to you, this is not a game.  For all I know, this was your first impression too, since it looks and sounds for all the world like some budget shovelware game.  And to be fair, Treasure World isn’t for most people.  It appeals to a very specific type of person.  The person who has to catch ’em all.  The person who played Animal Crossing every day for a year hoping to complete their catalog, thinking that maybe next time Crazy Red will sell an authentic painting.  The person who sits in front of a walkthrough when playing an RPG because, well, wouldn’t it suck if you missed something?

For that person, this game is a unique type of pleasure that is unparalleled in any other game.

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REVIEW: Deep Labyrinth


Deep Labyrinth, a remake of a first-person dungeon crawler game originally for cell phones, is far inferior to another similar cell phone game on the DS, Orcs & Elves. In at least one way, the two are opposites: Deep Labyrinth is long and repetitive with rambling featureless dungeons, while Orcs & Elves is condensed with small areas packed full of interesting features and rooms. But this isn’t a review of Orcs & Elves. The point of mentioning it was only to say that there are cell phone games out there worth porting to DS, even if Deep Labyrinth isn’t one.

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REVIEW: Trauma Center: Under the Knife


I think I’ve written enough mediocre reviews to rave about one of my favorites again. Let me tell you, this is probably the most awesome and intense game experience I’ve had on the DS. I played Animal Crossing for much longer, I play Break ’em All more frequently, I got more sheer pleasure out of Rub Rabbits, and I think I love Ouendan best of all, but none of these are games in the same way that Trauma Center is. Trauma Center is a tough bitch to play and get through, it makes full use of the DS functions (both the dual screens and the touch screen function), and it’s just fun to play. I’m not sure why they put the sequel on Wii, because this just isn’t a console game. It’s a DS game.

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