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Now, I own a ton of puzzle games for DS, but usually when I’m in the mood for a puzzle game, I play Break ’em All instead. Thus, any game that is not Break ’em All gets graded down by default. But Tetris DS is probably the next best thing.

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REVIEW: Space Invaders Revolution


Since there are enough reviews out there that tell you to run out and buy a game, I thought I’d do a mediocre review on a game you’ll have a hard time finding because I bought the only copy. I’m going to be hard pressed for negative reviews for awhile, because the only other bad games I’ve played for DS I haven’t really played long enough to judge. But maybe I’ll play something shitty for next time so I can talk about Trauma Center and Ouendan.

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REVIEW: Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

This game was what made me finally decide to get a DS. When this, Mario Kart, and Wifi all hit at the same time, following Nintendogs and Kirby Canvas Curse closely, I was pretty convinced that I needed a DS. I bought one about a week before this came out, then bought this game on the Sunday after its release date as a reward for finishing my finals for the semester. After that, noone saw me for six months. Ask William. I went blind staring at the screen so long playing this game.

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REVIEW: LostMagic


This review is going to be short and to the point: this game sucked. I’ll admit strategy RPGs are not my cup of tea, and I’ve never actually played an RTS before. But I really thought this hurdle would be overcome by the DS, which could do no wrong, and the fact that this was an action RPG too, which is also a really high point. Even with all that going for it, this game still failed spectacularly.

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REVIEW: Lost in Blue


Now that I’ve reviewed a game I hated and a game which was good but I was ambivalent about, I can go back to games I loved. I did love this game. The only reason it got a B was because it was insanely hard and I never quite finished it as a result. But it’s an awesome game nonetheless.  note: I finished it since I wrote this.  It’s still awesome.

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