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REVIEW: Harvest Moon GB/GBC

this article is part of an ongoing series examining the entire Harvest Moon franchise. see the main article and index here.

This is probably the most basic of all the Harvest Moon games, since it’s all the farming with none of the socializing or marrying. Its simplicity also puts it near the top of my own personal Harvest Moon list, since it’s so easy to pick up and play.

I hope you love to farm.

QUICK FACT: This is the only Harvest Moon game that lets you farm in winter.
QUICK FACT: This is also the only game that has all the social elements stripped out. You can’t even make friends.

GAME LENGTH: Grandpa evaluates you at the end of the year, but the game goes on infinitely. You won’t want to play for longer than two years, however, since most of the goals and items can be obtained in one year, and the second is used for the last few items and reaping the benefits of everything.  You can play for longer, to get the end-of-the year items (there are three total, and you can’t obtain one in your first year of play), but you probably won’t want to.  With no social elements, playing for longer than that leaves you with nothing to do except earn more money than the game can keep track of. There’s a lot of replay value, though, since getting the “Master” status from grandpa in two year takes a lot of work and planning.

GB/GBC Differences: Literally, the only difference between these two versions is that the GBC was optimized for Game Boy Color and the Super Game Boy attachment for the SNES (you could play with a cute frame on your TV). There aren’t any of the usual version differences, like different people/crops/events, they are exactly the same game.

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REVIEW: Towers: Lords Baniff’s Deceit


Towers: Lord Baniff’s Deceit is apparently a port of an Atari Falcon game. There was a sequel made for the Atari Jaguar called Towers 2: Plight of the Stargazer, which was supposedly released on GBA in 2002, but this is probably wrong since I can’t find any information confirming this. All that aside, Towers is a first person dungeon crawler strictly for true genre freaks. Your time will be spent managing your inventory, scouring halls for secret doors, and battling creatures in sluggish and overly fatal combat.

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REVIEW: Revelations: The Demon Slayer


Now, if there’s one thing I’ve taken an interest in this past year, it’s Shin Megami Tensei.  Persona 3 is by far one of the best games I’ve ever played, and from there I went back to explore the plentiful entries in the series.  Even though only a small percentage has actually been released in English, there’s still a lot to like.  Now, since my tastes run more towards the esoteric, I sought out the origins of the series in English.  Jack Bros for the Virtual Boy was actually the first game released in English, but this was second, followed by Revelations: Persona.  P1 is a true tragedy as far as being a playable game that is fun (the best localization in the world won’t save that game), but this Game Boy Color game was surprisingly awesome.

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