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REVIEW: Silverfall

After beating every U.S. PSP hack-n-slash—(Worth mentioning: Rengoku 2, Phantasy Star Portable, Bounty Hounds, Alien Syndrome, and not because they’re all sci-fi)—I imported Silverfall from England. Long ago, a stateside release was planned, but cancelled, I imagine, due to mediocrity. Silverfall is a stripped-down remake of a PC game with the same name, set in a fantasy world where magic meets steam-age technology, blah, blah, blah—like Arcanum and Thunderscape before it.

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REVIEW: Cho Aniki 0 / Rei Cho Aniki

I do like shooters, but they have to be entertaining on some other level in order for me to like them enough to play over and over again. That’s not always the case (I loved Ketsui: Death Label), but my favorite series are always a little off. My absolute favorites are among the Parodius games, but the big fish in Darius and Metal Black and the strange bee theme in Donpachi also have a special place in my heart.

I’ve never played a Cho Aniki game before this one, but I figured a new PSP version was a good place to start. I’ve got the Japanese version (that’s the box above), but there’s also an English version coming out for PSN soon from our friends at Aksys games.

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REVIEW: Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts

Old Dungeon Explorer for TurboGrafx-16 is Gauntlet super-sized—more classes, detailed statistics, and interesting areas. 20 years later, Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts is made as two completely seperate games on PSP and DS. The PSP version shares some with the original (both emphasize teamwork and have Gauntlet monster spawners), but is mostly a sequel in name only.

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REVIEW: Mytran Wars

Mytran Wars: A PSP squad-based tactical mecha game with 2 separate armies and customizable units. Cool.

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REVIEW: Thexder Neo

NOTE: Thexder Neo never came in a box. The above image is from Thexder Old.

(Old) Thexder had a sequel, Firehawk: Thexder the Second Contact (an excellent name), and a semi-sequel, Thexder 95. All for various home computers, all forgotten. Then comes Thexder Neo, a PSP downloadable developed by Square (developers of Thexder’s Famicom port). Thexder Neo is a faithful remake, now with 3 difficulty modes, and improved graphics and controls. Great, since the old Thexder controls were unresponsive and lousy. I usually talk about RPG/adventure/strategy games (or other games of words and numbers), but Thexder (or maybe Castle Adventure) was the first game I ever played and gets special privileges.

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