Blog: Galloping Ghost Arcade

Today Wanda and I took a break from wrecking games at home to wreck games elsewhere—Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL. From the ruins of former Chicago, IL, Galloping Ghost is a short suburban hop with plentiful parking. Pay $15 (add $5 for reasonably priced snacks and beverages) and you can hang around until 2AM and school a massive game variety, all free-play. I prefer more shmups and classics, but here’s the breakdown.

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REVIEW: Golvellius: Valley of Doom

I bought a Master System, a bundle of adventure games (Miracle Warriors, Lord of the Sword, Spellcaster, Zillion, etc.), and didn’t bother with it for a year. Guilty, I eventually tackled Golvellius: Valley of Doom (compelling name). Usually, action/adventure games aren’t (ahem) “cerebral” enough for me, but exploring Golvellius’ forlorn, deadly valley, is gripping stuff. Developed by Compile (Guardian Legend, Zanac), Golvellius was also released on MSX and MSX2. Interestingly, each revision has a unique world map. And, as if anyone cool enough to read this blog could possibly care, Golvellius will soon be on iPhone.

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REVIEW: AlphaBounce

(as a digital release, it’s got no cover, so here’s one of the puzzles instead)

You know, sometimes I cruise through the DSiWare store looking for a game to buy. Something. ANYTHING. The store is not laid out in a way that is very conducive to browsing, and past knowing that the ArtStyle games are supposedly good, advertising has failed DSiWare, and I know nothing about it.

After downloading this game, everytime I browse the store, I realize that it’s this game that I want, and I just quit out and play it. It’s everything I am looking for in a DSiWare game: something I can play in short sessions, easy to grasp the hardest parts of, easy to play, deceptively long to finish, and above all, a Breakout clone.

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REVIEW: Silverfall

After beating every U.S. PSP hack-n-slash—(Worth mentioning: Rengoku 2, Phantasy Star Portable, Bounty Hounds, Alien Syndrome, and not because they’re all sci-fi)—I imported Silverfall from England. Long ago, a stateside release was planned, but cancelled, I imagine, due to mediocrity. Silverfall is a stripped-down remake of a PC game with the same name, set in a fantasy world where magic meets steam-age technology, blah, blah, blah—like Arcanum and Thunderscape before it.

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REVIEW: BS Bokujou Monogatari

this article is part of an ongoing series examining the entire Harvest Moon franchise. see the main article and index here.

So.  Japan had Super Famicom, and they also had a satellite radio company called St.GIGA.  If you had a subscription to St.GIGA, a tuner for the service, and an attachment for your Super Famicom called a Satellaview, you could play “gaiden” versions of your favorite games at certain times of day on certain dates.

Reading through the requirements, this Satellaview game service sounds pretty ridiculous, and at its peak, only served around 100,000 people.  But many popular SNES/Super Famicom games had little gaiden episodes on the service, and Harvest Moon was among them.

QUICK FACT: This isn’t a new game, just challenges using the game structure and pieces of the first Bokujou Monogatari
QUICK FACT: I don’t know a goddamn thing about the BS Harvest Moon, but am going to talk about it anyway.

GAME LENGTH: There are four episodes that were each allotted a 50-minute broadcast time, plus one rerun. They are unavailable to play outside the broadcast time.

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